ASNU Junior

Machines - ASNU Junior


ASNU Junior 


Backlit Viewing Window

Digital Operational Display

Membrane Key Pad

Injector Shot Counter Display

Injector Shot Timer Display

Duty Cycle Display

Up to 10,000 RPM

High Performance Pump Upgrade Option

Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Cycle

Manual & Automatic Cleaning Cycles – 3 options

Suitable for Motorcycle Injectors

Suitable for Gasoline Direct Injector (GDI) (optional equipment required)

Suitable for Injected Marine Engines (optional equipment required)

Suitable for LPG Injection (optional equipment required)

Tests up to 6 Injectors at one time

Simulates on-car Spray Patterns & Flow Rates

Injector Leak Down Test

12 Language Selection Screen

LBS per Hour to Milliliters Calculator

Easy to Read LCD Screen



Diagnosing Injector performance

Before and after testing

Adjustable pressure

ASNU patented ultra-sonic cleaning process

Fuel SPRAY Management - spray pattern shapes and fuel atomization are easily inspected in the ASNU display window.

Fuel delivery Volumes - the precise quantity of fuel delivered can be measured and compared for up to 6 top feed injectors or 6 side feed injectors at one time

Electronic operation - ASNU examines the injectors performance during a 10 program option milliseconds and RPM simulation program


ASNU offers a complete service program

Including various service parts and accessories

Specialist tools

Filters o rings pintel caps

Flowrite and bio-clean fluids