Frequently Asked Questions


What Chemicals Are Needed For Operating The Machine?

There are two chemicals used in the ASNU machine. The calibration fluid which is a Stoddard Solvent with the same viscosity and specify gravity of gasoline (without the flammability) is used to flow test and leak test the injectors. The other chemical is the water based (biodegradable) chemical used in the ultra-sonic tank for cleaning the injector!

What Is The Warranty On The Machine?

There is a one year (parts) warranty.

Can I Hook My Computer Up To The ASNU Machine?

There is an optional software program that will allow you to interface your laptop or PC to ASNU for the purpose of setting different parameters (MS pulses, simulated RPM or number of pulses) or you can use any downloaded data acquisition information to drive the injectors. The software allows you to drive the machine functions, but ASNU will not provide the computer any information for printing.

How Do I Use The Machine To Adjust The Flow Rate Of An Injector?

The machine will only bring the injector back to 100% of it’s original flow rate, to change the flow rate from the original Manufacture would require disassembly of the injector and changing the orifice, pintle size or lift of the pintle off the seat. Since injectors are manufactured to microns of tolerance it takes specialized equipment to assemble the injectors; which is usually only found at injector manufacturers.

How Do I Use The Machine To Supply A “Matched” Set Of Injectors?

Since the machine will bring the injectors back to 100% of the original flow rate, and the injector manufacturers allow from 1% to 4% deviation in flow rate when manufactured you may have eight injectors that have a 4% deviation in flow between the highest and lowest flowing injector. To make all eight injectors have the same flow rate would require having multiple injectors and grouping that have the same flow rates in one set.

Will The Machine Test Diesel Injectors?

No, the machine will not test Diesel injectors.

Will ASNU Test All Top Feed And Side Feed Gasoline Injectors?

With the addition of the GDI capabilities ASNU can check all top feed and side feed injectors currently being installed on automobile, marine and motorcycle applications. The machine comes with the adapters to test the top feed injectors. Side feed adapters are available for all currently known side feed injectors; and we manufacture any new adapters for new side feed applications and add to the catalog before the life cycle requires servicing of the injectors.

What Is The Lead Time If I Order An ASNU Machine?

We maintain an inventory of ASNU machines that allows us to ship within 24 hours (or sooner) of ordering.

Where Do We Access The Components To Recondition The Injectors?

We supply approximately 300 part numbers used in the reconditioning of fuel injectors, many items such as filters, pintle caps and insulator washers are not available from the DE suppliers.

Will The Machine Test Performance Injectors?

The machine we are supplying in the US has a high performance pump (twice the volume and twice the pressure capability of the standard pump), a high performance fuel rail to handle high pressures without distorting and a custom chip on the microprocessor board that will allow you to select 5-10-15-20-25 or 30 second static flow test of high flow injectors to keep from over running the measuring cylinders.

Where Do I Find Information Of What The Flow Rate, Spray Pattern And Other Specifications Should Be For The Injectors I Am Testing?

The OE suppliers of injectors are reluctant to supply information on their injectors because they are tested under conditions that would be hard for most of us to duplicate, therefore the variables would cause the information to be invalid in their eyes. ASNU is meant to be a comparator of the injectors of one part number, or all of the injectors from one engine to verify the spray patterns, flow volume and coil resistance are matched to the allowable factory tolerances (in the case of flow rates 2% – 4%).Many of our customers have built a data base of specific part number parameters utilizing their own testing procedures that they can duplicate each time with the ASNU equipment.